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Web Development

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Web development is a vast field and is fabulously handy. Though there are several ways to a website development,

still the most preferred and easiest one. Open source web development means designing and developing a websites

and web applications using open source technologies which may include WordPress, Shopify, Opencart etc.

To understand this fact, let us first know what actually is an “Open Source”?The outstanding part that lies in

adapting to an Open source web development is that though it is cost effective yet it does not compromise on the

quality or efficiency of the project.

You can initiate and develop any project be it simple website, and e-commerce project, social networking website,

or sometimes even a simple blog. With many iconic and powerful websites worldwide being using the open source

technologies, it surely would be a fantastic idea to use it for your business purpose as well.

Engage into a new world of cost effective, powerful, creative and capable web development. One such service

provider that has been in to open source web development for decades is SiliconWeb Technology. SiliconWeb Technology offers website development using different open sources.1. WordPress
2. WooCommerce
3. OpenCart
4. Shopify


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